Emergency Management Solutions was formed in the early part of 2005. Recognising that a great step forward had taken place with the passing of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 its founder decided that many people would require help and support to comply with the new responsibilities placed upon them by the Act. It specialises in providing close support to organisations wishing to enhance and take forward emergency preparedness.

Exercise Design Case Study

The requirement

This client wished to develop a scenario and write injects for two connected metropolitan boroughs in the North West of England.  This would involve activation of their major emergency plans and injects to gauge the ability of these plans to integrate with other agencies major emergency plans. The exercise would also lead them to examine the links between the two Councils and how they worked together in the face of a tremendous strain on their resources.

The client

This client owned and operated an internationally renowned computer based, exercise programme and operation system. This system is specifically designed to exercise strategic command groups in their response to emergencies.

The solution

After in depth discussion with the client the output was a wide ranging scenario that would engage all the services and levels of management in both Boroughs. This then required the development of 150 separate injects and other supporting papers to enable the exercise. This proceeded through several iterations in order to comply with client developmental needs for the exercise which were complied with.
EMS then provided full support to the exercise included exercise direction and facilitation in conjunction with the Computer software company.