Emergency Management Solutions was formed in the early part of 2005. Recognising that a great step forward had taken place with the passing of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 its founder decided that many people would require help and support to comply with the new responsibilities placed upon them by the Act. It specialises in providing close support to organisations wishing to enhance and take forward emergency preparedness.

Management Consultancy Case Study

The Requirement

This client came to us with a brief that fell into two broad areas. The first part concerned undertaking a comprehensive management review in relation to compliance with the Civil Contingencies Act, 2004 (CCA). The organisation having been engaged in activity concerning the Act for four years felt that an external review of their current status was required.
The second part involved in depth involvement in developing strategies to remedy any challenges that emerged and providing practical solutions.

The Client

A large West Midlands Primary Care Trust. It leads the NHS locally and is responsible for health services for the 210,000 plus population. It assesses needs, prioritises them, commissions the appropriate services and then manages them to ensure that everyone can access the right service in the right place at the right time. As a category 1 responder under the CCA major emergency preparedness was a high priority for the Trust.

The Solution

Using a tailored audit tool all aspects of compliance with the CCA were assessed. This included external relationships and requirements.

The process included;

•    In depth research for all levels of management in the PCT against the CCA criteria.
•    Assessing the current position of the PCT at that time and identifying what shortfalls existed
•    How the shortfalls should be addressed
•    An action plan to remedy the shortfalls.

This was presented to the Chief Executive.

Then 3 months of intensive work was carried out to establish a sound footing for the PCT’s future emergency planning using a detailed action plan as a basis for the work.