Emergency Management Solutions was formed in the early part of 2005. Recognising that a great step forward had taken place with the passing of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 its founder decided that many people would require help and support to comply with the new responsibilities placed upon them by the Act. It specialises in providing close support to organisations wishing to enhance and take forward emergency preparedness.

The people

All of our people  bring a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to your organisation. This comes from many years experience in the profession and comes from many disciplines and includes local government, the military and the Fire and Rescue Service.

The style

The style is no pressure, relaxed, complete support for your organisation. Our people will work alongside your emergency management professionals with the emphasis on working with them rather than for them.
Working with you means;

We believe in giving the client more than just a plan or of the shelf training. We give the client capability which relates to plans, training, and state of mind.

Interested in what we do? Please feel free to call on 07974927901 or email Chris@emsolutionsltd.com


What we do?

What we don’t do

We Don’t…


Experience: Our consultants are fellows or members of the Emergency Planning Society and each has over ten years practical, real-life experience in helping organisations to plan for and recover from disaster.

Flexibility: We recognise that all of our clients differ in terms of their business operations, their emergency management experience and knowledge, and their specific requirements for support. Rather than adopting a “one size fits all” approach, we aim to offer a flexible service, tailored to the needs of the particular client.

Personal service: We pride ourselves on the level of service provided, which contributes to the excellent working relationship we have with our clients.

Interested in what we do? Please feel free to call on 07974927901 or email: Chris@emsolutionsltd.com.