Emergency Management Solutions was formed in the early part of 2005. Recognising that a great step forward had taken place with the passing of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 its founder decided that many people would require help and support to comply with the new responsibilities placed upon them by the Act. It specialises in providing close support to organisations wishing to enhance and take forward emergency preparedness.

Management Consultancy

We can provide:

Past Experience

We have worked with multi-disciplinary teams including National level policy and decision makers,  board members, political leaders, Chief Executives and Executive Boards and functional leaders in the public and private sectors. Our services have been used here and abroad. See below.

Providing support to a PCT in auditing their current compliance status with the Civil Contingencies Act, identifying where the shortfalls lay. Then, developing an action plan with the senior management team to address these issues.

Developing a strategy for two Middle-East countries to undertake a national risk assessment along the lines of the UK NRA model. This involved work in country to educate a team of people from within government to identify and high end national, natural and security risks, putting them through the risk assessment process and leaving the client with a fully worked NRA.

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